Towing a car by yourself

In this article I will outline the pros and cons of towing a car yourself without using a tow truck. This is specifically aimed at people in the Geelong area. I have years of experience in the automotive industry and there are not many people who know about towing vehicles like I do. I will break down each scenario and weigh up whether or not towing a car yourself is best or paying the money for a towing service. Let's get into it.

What are the rules?

Depending on your jurisdiction, the laws and rules for towing a vehicle yourself will differ. Not only does it depend on what state you are in but differences such as your position can make towing a car yourself illegal. For example, some states will not allow people to tow a vehicle themselves if their vehicle is involved in an accident and on a freeway. This is obvious, attempting to move a damaged car yourself on a freeway is incredibly dangerous. Other times, moving a car from your own property to another by towing it yourself is perfectly legal if the appropriate measures have been taken. So it is highly advisable to check your local road laws to see what it says about towing a vehicle yourself. Make sure you are following the rules, these rules are put in place for a reason. I do not advise ever towing a vehicle yourself if your local laws say your situation makes it unlawful to do so. When something does not go right you will need a Geelong towing company.

Knowing What To Do

Attempting to tow a car yourself requires a lot of knowledge about the rules, equipment and most of all, safety. There are a lot of things to consider, such as, do the brake lights work on the car to be towed? Towing a car is the same as having a trailer, the brake lights must work in the car that is being towed. Another thing to know is where does the strap go, what part of each car does the strap get attached to? So there are many questions that need an answer. Towing a car yourself, even for experts it is something not taken lightly. These are obvious massive cons against attempting to tow a vehicle yourself. Anything that goes wrong will mean you may need a Geelong towing company.

Towing a Car Yourself Gone Wrong

There are many stories when towing a car yourself has gone very wrong. Some people forget to ask the simple question, what is wrong with the car in the first place for it to need a tow? Most people understand when a car is not on, the power steering is not activated. So this is already a massive problem when towing a car yourself, the car to be towed struggles to do tight turns. One story goes, there is a slight tear in the strap, meaning it would not take much pressure before the strap snapped. When towing the vehicle around a corner, the strap snapped and the vehicle being towed was not able to turn tight enough. The car ended up doing a wide turn, crossed lanes and scrapped a car in the other lane. We all know it does not take much damage to a car for it to be extremely expensive. 

This is another con against towing a car yourself.
When this happens you will definitely need a Geelong towing company.

Do You Need a Geelong Towing Company

Unless you are extremely experienced, you have all the knowledge of laws, equipment and safety, then the answer is obvious. You should always use a professional tow truck service to tow a vehicle. Placing the strap in the wrong place can cause significant damage to either vehicle and end up costing 10 times what a tow truck would have. So the risks far outweigh the cost of having an expert tow truck team do the job for you. Don’t risk it, it’s not worth it. Having a Geelong towing company do the job for you is not that expensive,

but the risk of damage to another vehicle can be.